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About Phoenix Martial Arts

Phoenix martial arts trustĀ® was incorporated on the 10th of December 2013, with a vision to empower Indian youth and adults with self-defense techniques to prepare them to counter unprecedented attacks by anti-social elements.

Presently headquartered at Bangalore, Phoenix Martial ArtsĀ® plans to expand its footprint across all cities in India, through our collaboration with the World Karate Federation and the Indian Government.

The Phoenix Martial Arts Team is a martial arts specialist team, which combines well-researched self-defense techniques with strong traditional martial arts fundamental techniques to deliver delivers a very unique martial arts training experience

Founder and President
Is a 3rd Dan Black Belt from the KAI in GojuRyu Karate and a 4th Dan Black Belt inShotokan Karate. He is a national level referee in karate and a specialist in self-defense techniques and stick fighting
Co-Founder and Vice-President
Is a 2nd Dan Black belt from the KAI in GojuRyu Karate. He is an electronics engineer and business consultant in the Semiconductors Industry