Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your success rate?

We equip addicts on how to lead happy lives without using drugs, alcohol or with their psychiatric disorders. At Phoenix Foundation, we equip addicts with every resource to help them recover physically, mentally and spiritually. We equip addicts with skills they require to become a productive and respectable member of the society. This is done through group counseling, individual counseling as well as work therapy sessions. Counselors also advise addicts on how to avoid places and persons that can cause them to relapse. Whenever any addict uses the skills we teach, they have a 100 percent success rate with sobriety. As a result, they prosper and enjoy the fruits of living sober.

Which Addictions Do You Treat?

We at Phoenix Foundation treat all sorts of addictions. These include drugs and narcotics dependency, alcoholism, sex addiction, food addiction, Internet and shopping addiction as well as all kinds of substance and non-substance addictions, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO terms addictions as “Dependency Syndrome.” The four to six month program at Phoenix Foundation specifically aims at finding primary, secondary and tertiary dependencies of an addict while helping them to overcome them to lead a happy, sober life. Additionally, we also treat persons suffering from behavioral disorders and psychiatric problems. We have highly qualified medical team that also consists of a psychiatrist and counselors to help such victims.

What Addicts Can Expect at Phoenix Foundation?

The first things any addict or psychiatric patient will find at Phoenix Foundation is understanding and acceptance. We at Phoenix Foundation emphasize on treating every addict and psychiatric patient with love and care. That’s because addicts and psychiatric patients are generally shunned by the society at large. Hence, they feel marginalized and suffer from behavioral disorders. Our team of counselors consists of recovering addicts that’ve an average of 20 years sobriety. This helps addicts and persons suffering from behavioral disorders to relate and engage with our counselors to find meaningful sobriety. Our counselors are available 24x7x365 to address any distress that any addict or patient may face. And our medical team is always at hand to meet any medical problems during the course of treatment.