One of the mottos of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous clearly states: “I can’t, we can.” At Phoenix Foundation rehab center, we follow this principle in its entirety. That’s why we have a Group Treatment Center too.

The Group Treatment Center at Phoenix Foundation consists of a large hall, equipped with a small library containing books from Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and various religions. It also has a music system and TV for entertainment. Additionally, it also serves as a gathering place for all addicts, patients, counselors and other staff members to share their views about recovery and addiction.

From Monday to Saturday, we hold ‘Input Sessions’ and ‘Output Sessions’ at the Group Treatment Center. These are conducted by any of our five counselors who’re assigned specific days for their lectures. The ‘Input Session’ consists of a counselor giving a lecture on a specific topic related to getting rid of addictions while teaching ways and means to live properly in the society. The ‘Output Session’ held later in the day allows addicts and patients to have a lively interaction with the counselor to clear their doubts and learn more about the recovery from addiction.

On Friday evenings, an ‘Entertainment Session’ is held at the Group Treatment Center. And on Saturday evenings, we conduct the ‘Coffee Night.’

The Entertainment Session consists of all addicts and alcoholics coming together to sing songs of their choice, either as a group or solo. The Coffee Night consists of dancing to the latest Bollywood tunes by all addicts and alcoholics. The main purpose of these two sessions is to drive home the message that addicts, alcoholics and patients can enjoy like normal persons, without the use of any substance such as drugs and alcohol. These two sessions also help in relieving any stress that our client may experience during the course of the week due to various activities.

Group Treatment Center

Additionally, we at Phoenix Foundation rehab center also conduct an ‘Issue Dealing Session’ every week. During this session, addicts and patients speak to a counselor about various issues that their counterparts at the rehab are causing. The ‘Issue Dealing Session’ is held for two main purposes.

As a family member or addict, you would be aware that any drug user or alcoholic is unable to control their emotions and feelings. Hence, they react spontaneously that causes harm to themselves, family members and others. The Issue Dealing Session held at the Group Treatment Center teaches addicts to hold their emotions while expressing them in a positive manner.