Sabi Sir

Sebastian Fernandes


Sebastian Fernandes (Saby Sir) is the Founder & Director at Phoenix Foundation. He has over 27 years of experience in counseling alcoholics, drug addicts and persons suffering from psychiatric disorders or those requiring behavioral changes. A very spiritual person, he’s been helping countless people both within and outside Phoenix Foundation to add new meaning to their lives. He was also an alcoholic & drug user, who lived off the streets for 12 long years. Once a convicted criminal, he spent seven years in prison. However, Saby Sir doesn’t allow his past to affect his recovery. His road to recovery began 28 years ago. Now he’s a respectable member of the community & society. Till date, Saby Sir follows and implements the 12-step Narcotics Anonymous program in his life while helping other addicts to do so for recovery.

Nikhil Shah

Nikhil Shah


Nikhil Shah (Nikhil Sir) is the Administrator and Lead Counselor at Phoenix Foundation. With over 11-years of experience in counseling drug addicts and alcoholics, Nikhil Sir is very popular among both younger and older clients of Phoenix Foundation. He is popular for his down-to-earth counseling methods that helps all kinds of addicts, persons afflicted with psychiatric disorders and requiring behavioral changes. Furthermore, Nikhil Sir also takes lectures (input sessions) at Phoenix Foundation during which he shares his personal experiences in recovery from chronic alcoholism. These experiences help other addicts and psychiatric patients to find new inspiration that helps them to lead happy lives in the society. He counsels families in distress while managing day-to-day affairs at Phoenix Foundation.

Dr Akshay Chordia

Dr. Akshay Chordia

SR Doctor

Dr. Akshay Chordia is a Psychiatrist and Sexologist. He has completed his MD in Psychiatry from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and Hospital, Sion, Mumbai. Dr. Chordia has been on the post of Assistant Professor in the Department  of Psychiatry at Sion Hopsital. He has been working extensively with various social organizations to create mental health awareness and provide treatment for marginalized population in the community. He has received Lundbeck Academic Excellence Award ( Gold medal ) for his work in 2019. He is currently practicing as a Consultant Psychiatrist at CURE HEALTH CENTRE, Vasai (E).

Dr. Paresh R Savla

MBBS,ECGP (certified diabetes)

-General physician since 32years
-Certified chaologist 20years
-Certified course in addiction
Worked as assistant medical officer at satabdi hospital kandivali (w)
Develop different department (OPD)for blood pressure diabetes or asthma

Saif memon

Saif Memon

Medical incharge

Saif Meman (Saif Sir) is known as the “Young Star” at Phoenix Foundation. Saif Sir is the Medical Coordinator at Phoenix Foundation. He is also one of the most trusted counselors we have. That’s because he has superb skills to counsel younger addicts and psychiatric patients that seek treatment at Phoenix Foundation.  He has over six years of experience as a counselor. Once a chronic drug abuser, Saif Sir primarily helps the younger generation both within and outside Phoenix Foundation to find sobriety. He is also the first point of contact for families that wish to admit their addict member to Phoenix Foundation. Saif Sir also counsels the families on the best mode of treatment and personally visits them to pick up the addiction victim.


Isidore Fernandes


A gentleman to the core, Isidore Fernandes (Izzy Sir) is one of the counselors whom you’ll definitely meet when you visit Phoenix Foundation. He has over 12 years of experience as counselor and family advisor. Izzy Sir focuses on dealing with issues between an addict and psychiatric patients with their families. He addresses these problems on the basis of spirituality. Izzy Sir has a very humble, kind and gentle personality which makes him very popular with families of our clients. He provides directions toa addicts on how to recommence life with the family and society once they leave our center. And he counsels families about how to deal with recovering addicts, because each individual has specific needs for feeling safe and secure.

Rajendra Kuthale

Rajendra Kuthale

Technical Coordinator

Rajendra Kuthale (Rajendra Sir) is the Technical Coordinator at Phoenix Foundations. He is also an excellent counselor with over 16 years of experience in the field of addiction. Rajendra Sir has a gentle nature which makes him an instant hit among both younger and older addicts seeking treatment at Phoenix Foundation. Rajendra Sir usually counsels an addict from his own personal experiences as a chronic alcoholic from which he had a rather painful recovery. His fame as a counselor at Phoenix Foundation comes from the fact that he is a very spiritual person who’s been through countless ups and downs in his personal life during his days of addiction and recovery. He therefore can identify easily with an addict’s personal problems and discuss various solutions.