Every addict of drug and alcohol abuse suffers from mild to severe psychiatric problems. Consequently, their behavior changes. Invariably, this translates as added trouble for family, other relatives, friends and the society in general, arising from the addict.

At the same time, closest family members are unable to recognize signs and symptoms of psychiatric illness that an addict suffers from and exhibits. Usually, they brush these behavioral changes as normal since they’re not equipped and qualified to comprehend or even distinguish between behavior during using and psychiatric ailments.

At Phoenix Foundation, we provide an all-round psychiatric treatment to every addict who requires it. Therefore, Phoenix Foundation has a dedicated, qualified and highly experienced psychiatrist who patiently listens to every newcomer and identifies what psychiatric symptoms they’re showing. We do so with the intention of helping the addict overcome any mental illnesses that their addictions may have caused.

Understandably, not every addict who comes to Phoenix Foundation for treatment requires psychiatric treatment. Instead, some may require only behavioral change therapies, which we provide at Phoenix Foundation in consultation with our psychiatrist. And for those who require psychiatric treatment, we provide medication and counseling in consultation with our psychiatry experts and counselors.

Psychiatric treatment is given only upon express consent from the family of an addict. Counselors at Phoenix Foundation will call up the family to inform them about the nature of psychiatric treatment that an addict requires and the symptoms of the ailment that results as behavioral change.

It is well known that addiction is a three pronged disease. It affects the body or physique of the addict as well as their mind. And there is a third dimension, spirituality, which is also severely affected due to years of drug and alcohol abuse.

Most addicts overcome their psychiatric problems during their stay at Phoenix Foundation’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation center in Mumbai. Only a few require prolonged and sustained treatment, which they can continue from home, with their families.

Additionally, Phoenix Foundation also admits persons suffering from various psychiatric disorders ranging from mild to severe anxiety, fear psychosis, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Schizophrenia and other such diseases. Our program and psychiatric care empowers these unfortunate victims to lead a happy and normal life once they leave our treatment center.

Group Treatment Center

We at Phoenix Foundation fully comprehend that each individual addict has a different personality. Therefore, our endeavor is to provide a broad spectrum of psychiatric therapies to those who require it.