Addiction is a family disease. Every individual comes to us with their own set of problems and issues at the time of admission. However, when they begin their journey of recovery, these problems and issues that were largely forgotten by an addict during active using of alcohol and drugs. In fact, lots of addicts consumed these substances as an escape from problems and to shirk responsibility. Several also have criminal records for offenses such as theft and burglary, among others.

Usually, no addict will share these problems they face with other individuals. Therefore, Phoenix Foundation provides Rehabilitation Groups. This is our unique form of group therapy. During these sessions, every addict gets an opportunity to share their own individual problems with others, without hesitation. They do not fear sharing these experiences and problems because they learn that others in the group also face similar or bigger issues in life.

Our Rehabilitation Group therapy helps addicts to face these problems and issues rather than running away from them by using drugs and alcohol. Rehabilitation Groups empowers every addicts to identify with the other and draw strength from the fact that they aren’t alone in the world facing such problems but there’re countless others too.

Confidence, which most addicts lose during their course of using, is restored gradually through our group therapy programs.

Consequently, after attending several Rehabilitation Group programs at Phoenix Foundation, you’ll see a smile on the face of every addict. They can face the world boldly and take every problem and issue within their stride.

Rehabilitation Group therapy sessions at Phoenix Foundation are held from Sunday to Thursday. This five-day a week program enables addicts to share individual experiences without the fear of punishment and retribution. It also gives them the confidence to speak in public and face their fears and inhibitions to mold them as better persons.

An addict isn’t mad or bad person. They are sick people. Because the World Health Organization recognizes addiction as a disease. WHO terms addiction as “Dependency Syndrome.”

If your loved one or you are suffering from this disease of addiction, Phoenix Foundation can definitely help you. You’ll find our Rehabilitation Groups to be very useful in recovery. We apply the 12-Step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous for our Rehabilitation Group therapy. These are time-tested and proven programs that have a superb success rate worldwide.

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