Our Daily Timetable

Our daily timetable aims at helping addicts and persons with psychiatric illnesses to bring discipline in their lives. Broadly speaking, a day at Phoenix Foundation begins at 7am. We start the day with multi-religious prayers and meditation, followed by Yoga and exercises. There’s also a reading and reflections session during which our inmates get time for self-assessment and to learn more about the disease of addiction. This is followed by an Input session and later, an Output session. At Phoenix Foundation, we also allot two hours daily for sports and recreation at our facilities. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are held five days a week during evenings. On Friday and Saturday evenings, there’re entertainment sessions. The day ends with a short prayer and meditation session.

Enjoying Diwali

At Phoenix Foundation, we understand that every inmate is living away from their family and hence, unable to celebrate festivals and events such as birthdays. Therefore, we hold in-house celebrations of every major festival at our center. This provides every addict and psychiatric patient to realize that they can lead happy lives in the broader society, upon discharge. Phoenix Foundation engages all inmates in festivities, regardless of their religion or social leanings. This helps to foster a sense of camaraderie among all addicts and patients and creates a wonderful, lively ambience. Our kitchen crew prepare special sweets and other dishes to mark the festival. There’re also entertainment sessions to mark festivals and other occasions. Therefore, our inmates can truly find a home away from home and participate in these festivals and special occasions.

Home Away from Home


Poor physical fitness is the first symptom of an addict or psychiatric patient. That’s the reason we at Phoenix Foundation lay special emphasis on sports and indoor games. We have a badminton court where our inmates can try their skills at the game, a swimming pool for a cool dip when weather permits, carrom boards, chess and other board games. We also conduct exercise and Yoga sessions daily to ensure that our inmates begin recovering their fitness that could have been lost due to sheer neglect over a period of several years. Games and sports also help foster a spirit of teamplay and collaboration, which is a vital skill. All inmates at Phoenix Foundation are welcome to participate in every game and fitness activity.